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The Home Buying Process for Buyers

Choosing The Right Home


Did you know that Buyer's do not pay any Realtor fees? I've found that to be the most common but mistaken belief, so I'm here to clear the confusion-- The seller is the one who pays all of the Realtor fees. [Exhale here.] 

Choosing the right home is an enormous decision. A home is where you live, raise your family, entertain and relax. It is important to decide your priorities and list the features that you must have, or would like in your next home. Veronica will help you define your search parameters and target the ideal properties for you to consider.

You should take into consideration price, location and future needs. Do you need a single story home? How far are you willing to commute? Is your family growing and you need more bedrooms, or a bigger yard? Some of your needs could be necessary, and some could be negotiable if the right home is found.

With over six million new and existing homes sold each year in the United States, the options can be staggering! Veronica will help you narrow down the choices and find the property that best suits your needs.

It may be the very first home you look at, or the very last one, but in either case Veronica will help you find the place you can call "home"!

Remember...it's a Smart Move with HomeSmart!

How Much to Offer

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After you have researched and looked at all the homes that fit your needs, you have found the one you want! Now you have to decide how much you want to offer for the property. 

There are a number of factors that will affect your decision. Market condition is one of them. If it is a “Buyer’s” market at the time, where there are more sellers than buyers, you will have more negotiating room since the seller wants his to be the home you buy. In a “Seller’s” market, where there are more buyers than there are homes to buy, you will want to place your best offer up front in order to be the one chosen by the seller. 

Comparable prices or "comps" of the area are also important. Veronica will research the properties that are currently for sale or that have recenty sold in the vicinity of your subject property to establish a realistic value. Your lender will order an appraisal of the property after your offer is accepted, and this appraisal will determine the ultimate value of the home. The appraiser uses similar comparables as your HomeSmart Agent in determining the value. Your lender will not make a loan for higher than the appraised value, so you want to make sure your offer is realistic. If you are paying cash, this would not apply.

Other terms to be decided when writing your offer are things such as inspection time frames, the close of escrow date, who is paying for the Home Warranty etc. Veronica will help you determine what the best terms will be to get your offer accepted. There are some constraints however, depending on your lender's time frame for your loan. 

An offer to purchase property is a legally binding contract. All the terms and conditions should be explained to you in detail by Veronica. You should always feel free to consult an attorney or tax advisor before making a decision. At HomeSmart we feel that you should not enter into an agreement without as much information as possible. Our commitment to providing you with superior customer service can be demonstrated by our training and support programs for our Agents designed to help you be the most informed Buyer you can be. We want you to be prepared so if there's anything we can do to help, just ask!

Remember...it's a Smart Move with HomeSmart!

The Inspection Period


In general, buyers are entitled to conduct a series of inspections on the property that they are about to purchase in order to determine the condition of the property before they purchase it.  

After your offer has been accepted, Veronica will assist you in hiring a professional home inspector and pest inspector to conduct inspections of the property. 

At HomeSmart we recommend that you choose a home inspector that is certified by a trade association. The inspectors will give you full written reports with which you can review and decide if you want to ask the seller for repairs before the close of escrow, accept the condition as it is, or cancel the purchase altogether. The inspectors also might make recommendations for additional inspections to be done as well. 

You will also receive a Natural Hazard Disclosure Report disclosing all the environmental factors that could affect the property such as flood zones, fire zones, etc.  

The seller will provide you with a Transfer Disclosure Statement and a Seller Property Questionaire which contain all information material to the condition and sale of the property to the best of their knowldege.

Veronica will help you navigate through all the information you receive to help determine the actions you should take. She will also give you the tools to research crime statistics in the area, school districts, city planning and zoning, and anything else that might affect your decision.  

Remember...it's a Smart Move with HomeSmart!

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